Step 1: Contact us with your request

Fill out the form requesting what substance(s) you’d like to check. It is important that you tell us a unique codeword to remember you so we can prepare and anonymously associate you with your request.

Each request is personalized so please do not give your reagents to anyone else; direct them to us and we will provide them with a unique kit.

While you wait to collect, please make sure you read through the user information and other documents on our site so you understand the potential strengths and weaknesses of columetric reagent testing.

You will be performing this process by yourself, so it is very important that you understand what you have to do. You must also understand what reagent testing can and cannot do.

All this information can be found here.


Making Drugs More Accurate is not responsible for what you do with this information. Nor do we recommend drug use and we emphasize all drug use carries risk. 

The information outlined on this website is not exhaustive. We provide a brief description of drugs that are commonly used recreationally, including typical routes of administration, typical doses, common effects and their duration, as well as other helpful information. The effects described are the most commonly reported effects, but because the purity of substances cannot be assured, effects can vary as a result of the potential for contaminants.

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