Before we begin

Remember why you’re doing this. It’s a lot of work you're putting yourself in for, but it’ll be well worth it. 

It’s not too difficult. Hold your nerve. If I can launch with one other person, you most definitely can. 

This is phase two of the plan. We must go national. Drug poisoning is an epidemic not geographically centred in Montreal. If anything, there is a substantially greater need elsewhere. 

Consider carefully that this project is for you. It is important work, but if you don’t have the time of day to fully commit to it then do not. The worst case scenario is quite bad, but it’s a definite step up from the world we find ourselves in.

Reflected sufficiently? Great. Let’s get this moving!

STEP 1: Legitimize yourselves

Copy this form and localise it. This will be crucial in securing funding and gives a great answer to the question “who asked”?

This form is going to be critical so make sure you have it backed up.

Share it in as many places as you can online. Facebook groups, subreddits, discord channels, post QR codes in real life if needed. The more results the better - we got ~280 and this gave us a lot of credibility.

Few results do not mean little interest - it just means you haven’t connected with your target demographic. I’d be really surprised if more than 2% of the respondents were against this idea


Making Drugs More Accurate is not responsible for what you do with this information. Nor do we recommend drug use and we emphasize all drug use carries risk. 

The information outlined on this website is not exhaustive. We provide a brief description of drugs that are commonly used recreationally, including typical routes of administration, typical doses, common effects and their duration, as well as other helpful information. The effects described are the most commonly reported effects, but because the purity of substances cannot be assured, effects can vary as a result of the potential for contaminants.

Feeling generous? All donations will go to more reagents :)

XMR address: 44xb1tbgdtX31fCwzKQDEePkSyNUZydJ1AGiQTZKLWjj6g7VJT2YY1227GHPmbMqRzZFEzEvG5iEZgZvdjCxhJ6q1hzNB7qX